About The Film

"An honest and truthful look at the challenges of love, and the limits of forgiveness"

— Ozark Shorts Film Festival


Rachel and Nick return to their hometown in rural Colorado to greet friends and family while seeking a solution to Nick's recent diagnosis with a rare brain disorder

As the threat of death from surgery or the condition itself loom on the horizon, Nick seperates from Rachel and his mom Alli and begins recklessly acting out.

When Alli suggests Rachel repair the past with her own family as Alli tries to work on Nick, Rachel returns to her home to discover a drug addled mother and her younger sister Bryce enabling.

Soon Rachel finds her whole world crumbling around her as she tries to find the words to convince Nick to tempt fate and chance surgery to correct his life threatening disorder.


More than Words has been selected to screen in more than 17 film festivals worldwide, winning multiple awards and nominations in several festivals including 3 awards for Best Actress, and 2 for Best International Short Film.

The film saw its premiere in May 2015 at the Cannes Short Film Corner at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The film screened at a special marketplace screening for critics and distributors that same week, and was picked up by several other short film festivals following its Cannes reception.

The film was nominated for three North American Film Awards including Best Short Film, Best Actress, and Best Director, and walked away with a Silver Award for Best Short Film.